A rusty blade was pulled from a man's head 26 years after the knife attack

A rusty blade was pulled from a man's head 26 years after the knife attack

A 76-year-old man from a rural area in China is undoubtedly the luckiest person. He was attacked with a knife 26 years ago. The attack left a 4-inch blade in his head. The blade has now been removed from surgery.
A farmer from China's northeastern province of Qinghai, Hainan, may be considered a miracle of survival.
He was shot in the head in 1994 during a fight. Dorji has been living with a knife blade in her head ever since. Due to the knife in his head, his head ached and he lost his eyesight. Now, thanks to a team of doctors, they can live their lives without knives and pains in the head.

Dorji sought medical help in 2012 when his headache became unbearable.

However, when the X-ray of his head was taken, the doctor was surprised to see a four-inch knife in his head. Doctors decided after the medical examination that removing the knife might be dangerous, so the operation should be postponed.
Fortunately, Dorje's case recently reappeared when a team of doctors arrived in their area on a medical visit.
Once again they were brought to Shengdong for operation. They had to travel 3000 km for treatment.
CT scans and X-rays revealed that the blade had stuck to the eye socket in the base of his skull and it was suppressing the visual veins. It was quite difficult to remove. According to Chief Neurologist Dr. Liu Guangkun, removing him could eliminate all of Dorje's troubles.

Between 2012 and 2020, neurosurgery has grown significantly. Doctors were convinced that this time they would remove the blades from Dorji's brain.
During a 2-hour surgery on April 2, doctors removed a 10 cm (4 inch) blade from her head. Now they are recovering faster and on their own.

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