Corona Virus - Which Is The Most Successful Homeo Or Herbal Medicine?

Corona Virus - Which Is The Most Successful Homeo Or Herbal Medicine?

All three remedies are famous in my country are allopathic herbal and homeopathic remedies

All of these approaches have their own ways of reaching the diagnosed disease and the right medication

Allopathy can be prescribed, especially in the name of pathology such as the disease, such as acute acute cold sore throat stomach acid or cancer.

The method of diagnosis in allopathy is that the first disease is diagnosed, it is targeted and it may be resorted to different laboratory tests or X-ray ultrasound and other devices, then the correct medication is recommended when the disease is diagnosed. The concept of giving medicine according to the patient's mood or tendency is not in allopathic

On the contrary, there are various other diagnostic methods in herbal medicine, or Greek homeopathic remedies, which are especially important in medicine as a particular pulse and the patient's mood is very important when making a diagnosis.

Nowadays some rulers and homeo doctors are claiming that their recommended medication is 100% successful treatment of the virus.

One of the rulers is claiming that if the government gives me permission, the corona virus will be handed over to me by patients. I will invent a successful drug and thus give the nation a drug that will eradicate coronary disease.

Now, whatever the rulers or the Homeo doctors are claiming are completely wrong.

Why ---- Because according to the Greek medicine there are four moods of each patient - The mood of each patient is different from the other.

That is why the old rulers who were familiar with the basic principles of medicine were prescribing prescriptions, not seeing the disease, but seeing the pulse.

This is the principle that Homeo-Pethi suggests that medicine is the real medicine according to the mood and symptoms of every person.

So, see the old rulers or the Homeo doctors have not written a single prescription in their books till now the bodies claimed that if there is a disease, our prescription will have the same effect on all patients without any diagnosis and will definitely be the same. Prescription - You will never find a prescription in medicine and homework.

Some practitioners and doctors say their potential drug or prescription is related to the Krona virus, saying it is a potentially good drug or prescription - their approach is correct.

A Corona virus-infected patient can never have a single homemade or herbal medicine that can have the same effect on all patients - yes there are some medications or prescriptions for the prevention of Corona virus that can be said about God. Bounty has a good effect on most patients and can prevent illness, but other precautions must be taken with them.

Getting a virus can also be avoided so that we generally maintain our health not too scared - use Vitamin C

And make good use of seasonal fruits - Use the honey olive clown palm in proper quantity and exercise and keep exercising properly.

The stronger our body's defense of the system, the more we will be protected from diseases.

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