Exercise and Exercise Shabbat

Exercise and Exercise Shabbat

For the past 50 years, Ahmed Khan has been drinking three cigarettes (60 cigarettes) daily and has suffered from severe asthma and hypertension. He has recently quit smoking on medical advice. At 77 years old, but at the insistence of his physician, he has also begun exercising, the benefits of which have begun to reap, and he is starting to feel good enough to consider himself a young man of 35 years.

Exercise in the West is becoming popular with people of all ages at this time. The benefits that are manifesting in older people have confirmed the research that if regular daily exercise is slowing down the years. It may and may not be possible to recover from the damage it has done annually, regardless of its health.

When older people in the western country of residence in western countries were forced to exercise, they were happy to know that people over the age of 90 also started feeling stronger after exercise. Their muscle size also increases, which concludes that the muscle weakness and weakness that comes with old age is not irreversible, as these exercises bring back lost muscle strength and body size. Can
The benefits of exercise are amazing for young people, as they can increase their muscular strength by 200% and exercise by 15%.
All this information may seem incredible, but it is undeniable fact. Leg exercises can increase the strength of the legs and maintain that energy if exercised.

An 88-year-old woman has gained so much strength through exercise and walking that she can now easily walk a mile daily and feel good about herself. All this research shows that exercise and exercise Walking is not only beneficial for the heart and body, but it is also beneficial for the body and the bones. The aging process of aging and slowing down of the lungs are associated with the development of bones and muscle aches.

One patient states that she was suffering from severe joints and could not walk until she had submerged her joints in warm water every morning. She began to drag herself when she started exercising. Yes, but after exercising, it has become a great lesson, but also a bit of a chore. However, there is no doubt that exercise increases strength and balance in the body to keep the body in balance. And these old people, who couldn't even move before, are so wistful that their lazy contemporaries cannot cope with them.

Exercise can not only cure the disease, but also cure it. It stimulates the body, improves health, and makes it easier to deal with chronic diseases. People who have "bypass" surgery. One type, in which resistance or obstruction is removed by applying an alternate vein), also benefits from exercise and stays healthy.

Now there is no doubt that medication should not be relied upon in the treatment of chronic diseases, but should be tried in non-medicinal ways, such as exercise, etc., because in most cases the combination of medicine and exercise. It can be very useful, for example hypertension should not only be treated, but it should also change the lifestyle, ie reduce salt in the diet, quit smoking, improve exercise, moderate life. Be adopted and refrain from running bogus like rats.

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